Orin MBC Sheredan, AR

Sunday Evening we were privileged to attend the Services of Orin MBC, to give a report, showed video of the construction, and preached message from God’s Word. This good Church already supports PMD on a regular basis for which I am Thankful. It was again, great to be with their Pastor Jim Easley.

On the way home we hit a large buck, did not kill him he just got up and walked off. The car can be repaired, Novis and I are thankful that it was not worse. I had ask God to watch over and protect us, to allow our Guardian Angel to travel with us and keep us safe, had we been going faster it would have been bad, we had slowed down and when I saw the deer, I was able to almost came to a stop, if he had gone the other way we would have missed, but God kept us safe and we were able to drive the vehicle home, the air bag did not deploy, thank goodness. To look at it, it does not look that bad, we were able to drive it home with out any problems. The reason estimate of $4,400. is so high, hood, bumper cover, fender have to be replaced. Thank you God.