The comments of these pastors are testimonies of how PMD has been an asset to the growth of their individual churches, souls saved and baptized.

PMD’s Vision and that of our sending church from the beginning has been to help churches learn to help themselves. To give some of them a tool they may use to reach out to the lost, not just the poor and destitute, but also those with jobs and professional people. We can see that God is blessing and this is becoming a reality.

BY: Abner D. Tuazon (Second Project)
Pastor Calvary Independent MBC, Angeles City.
THE need of an effective vehicle

Matthew 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:20 teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
The great commission is all about going to do to preach the gospel for the perishing souls.
What we really need in this endeavor.
-The gospel to be preached,- The doctrine to be taught
AND The vehicle to be used in GOING TO reach them
Is PMD an effective ministry? That the purpose is to help churches help themselves?
With the help of the Philippine Mission Development in providing a nice building that have been effective tools in developing our mission work these are the results.
2006- Sept.2013

  • Sponsors and co- sponsors 8 missions including Bible School
  • organized 2 churches into an independent self supporting church
  • have baptized professionals such as Engineers, company business managers, businessmen, nurses, teachers, soldiers, Dentist and recently another engineer included in our church membership. (additional this year 9 baptism, missions approx. 85 baptism, professions of faith 1,850)
  • FAITH PROMISE MISSION GIVING COMMITMENT HAS INCREASING 25% YEARLY, this is the reason why we were able to purchase properties for our mission works.
  • Our gross income is also increasing as the members realized the need to take care of their pastor, the building and its maintenance.
  • the school principal nearby our church made a request to provide a signage for their school, because they have a high respect as they see how God prospers us through our building.
  • The church building had been use several times in big conferences of missionary Baptists.
  • The Vacation Bible School results several souls being saved yearly because of the spacious place.

TO PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE POOR–Just recently, we held a family development sessions in our church building with an attendance of 80. The government gave me an authority to share the words of God to the Filipinos under the program of Department of Social Welfare and Development. The DSWD provides their material needs and our church provides spiritual needs for a family development.
1987- 1997 WE WERE WORSHIPPING IN A HOUSE-no much progress
1997-2002 WE WERE WORRSHIPPING IN A GARAGE–no much progress
2002 –WE PURCHASED OUR OWN PROPERTY-increased a little progress
2006-SINCE WE HAVE OUR SANCTUARY THROUGH THE HELP OF PMD, there was a remarkable progress in our ministry.

WE thank the sponsoring church and those churches supporting PMD here and abroad. All your labor is not in vain according to God’s word.

church gross income

2011- 2012 =734,100.75 pesos= about $ 17,000
2012-2013 = 878,630.49 pesos= about $ 21,000
2013-2014 is expected to increase

with these figures, the church can support her pastor, maintain the building, more ministries created and many more progress being done. to God be the glory


Ronald Aenlle Forinas (third project)
NEW TESTAMENT MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH 359 Baptist drive Regencia/Reluya Rd.,Turno Dipolog City 7100 Zamboanga del norte,Phils.

We have 4 Missions that existed. They received only we called it Allowance monthly as the Lord provides Php 1,500. each except one is Php 1,000. Missionary helper.. Souls saved in 4 missions last year is 48. ,baptized 13, 4 Missions are in need of prayers, plastic chairs and help.
NTMBC Ministries : Youth Alive , Children Sponsored and outreaches, Mission works, Ladies auxiliary need to establish, PMA-BSA Little Seminary, Visitation and Soul winning, joined some Fellowships. Souls saved last year 58, baptized 6.

Lemuel Gloria Orongan Sr. (Fourth Project)
Pastor Butuan Missionary Baptist church
Dear Pastor Wayne,
Greetings! The number of Missions we are supporting is 5, but we have some identified future mission locations but the available workers are the problem because at present we have one (1 ) missionary who suffered stroke. However, profession of faith in the Missions continue to improve. I will just give you the close estimate tomorrow. The mother church has a total profession of 920 as of September 200 over of our 2013 target. We will have a baptism this coming sunday of 14, we will send pictures. We continue to partner with the National government on their 4Ps program, a social service program of the Government where we are handling more or less 200 families for their spiritual needs.
We are also improving our Cell Group activities in the City of 11 cell groups with a total non member families of more or less 100. We are just slowly teaching them and we do not easily baptize them. Our attendance average during sunday morning has improved to an average of 160.
I hope your church and all the other churches will continue to appreciate this very noble project. We might not witness immediate dramatic results but we know that PMD has been greatly used by God to be one of the best instruments for the furtherance of God’s vineyard.
God bless us more and regards.
Bro. Lemuel

Jun Abay, Smile City MBC,  Island of Negros (5th Project)

Ptr Whane from the completion of the SCBC building 20 baptized believers up to this date. The building is very helpful. 39 souls saved who are church visitors. 11 professions of faith during last year April Concert. We have one extension work supported in the city and now one mission work outside the city. The workers were my PMBS AIT students and our mission team goes monthly with some feeding materials, medicines m clothing to give as we continue the worship service in the house. 15 souls saved at Patag. We will have medical outreach at SCBC for the community this Dec 31. We will have a Christmas cantata for a cause this Dec. 22. And we will have another baptism this December for 7 converts. We have 1k PMD funds last church anniversary and this will be added for another offering. We will send this very soon. We are now painting the bamboo fence of the building and hoping we can build the church kitchen at the end of the month. The new building is really very helpful to us becoz we grow little by little by the grace of God.

Pray for us! Jun abay

Allan Abais, pastor of current project, Davao MBC, Davao City

The PMD project truly is a blessing to those who find time to understand Jesus in their Life. Most of our laborers now understand the true meaning of Love. before we start our days of work we have our bible study. we choose the book of Nehemiah as a series lesson , two souls accepted Christ as their savior and another family who works as a carpenter and our mason opened the door of their house for bible study. I told them that our Church treat them not as hired men doing the construction but a partner for Gods building. as we build the Church we build first the relationship for our workers so they may feel the Love of God in us. One caretaker of the batalla compound said he will join worshiping with us when we transfer our service here in our new site.

Bro. Allan