1. THE CONGREGATION MUST HAVE A PROPER LEGAL IDENTITY.  This is necessary for acquisition of land and real properties, which are to be owned by the church. A “Corporate Proprietorship” listing the members of the congregation as legal participants in all business transactions is necessary.  Types of corporations not acceptable are: a) sole proprietorship b) churches or missions listed under another corporation’s legal identity c) a ‘clause’ in land title or deed that allows the property to revert back to someone else for any reason.  Properties that are purchased must list the congregation on the title, indicating the church as the sole owner. Trustees of the corporation should be selected from among the membership of the church. The process of acquiring a legal identity with the Philippine government is not difficult nor expensive, and can be done by the Filipino congregation.
  2. LAND:  The Church applying must possess a clear title of the property and presented prior to consideration of the project by PMD.   This title must be verified through proper title research in the province of its location. Further, zoning laws in the area of the property must indicate that it qualifies for development for use as a church.  It should be listed as ‘Light Commercial’ or ‘Institutional’ for such use.  Additionally, a feasibility study of locating a church in the given area should be presented. Land type, topography, demography of the immediate area, public transportation access, electrification and water source are considerations to be taken in the study.
  3. CONSTRUCTION OF BUILDINGS should be of a particular type, preferably concrete and steel construction to reduce risk of fire, render the building termite proof, and lessen maintenance.  Construction plans should be prepared by a local (Philippines) engineer and submitted for approval to White Rock MBC and her advisers.
  4. AN ESTIMATED COST OF CONSTRUCTION must be determined prior to approval.
  5. COMPLETION OF CONSTRUCTION;  With the estimated cost of construction there must be an itemized, projected cost of materials.  PMD will be responsible for the projected cost of materials, all other expenses, such as labor, permits, etc. will be the responsibility of the church.  In this way the church has owner ship of the building and when completed it will be finished.  This has worked well with the last few buildings.  It encourages the congregation to become involved from the beginning, and if they are sincere will sacrifice to have a beautiful new building.   Originally we helped to 85% and the remaining 15% of construction was the responsibility of the Filipino congregation.  This worked well to an extent, but often the building was not completely finished and there was no ownership;  this  way has proven owner ship for the congregation and the building is finished.
  6. ONLY CONGREGATIONS IN THE REGULAR FELLOWSHIP of Missionary Baptist in the Philippines will be considered for receiving Philippine Mission Development funds.  A complete accounting of funds received and expended will be required.  Photographic and written reports will also be required during any project undertaken with PMD funds.