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June Report

June Report 2022 June was  very busy, but also a very rewarding month.  We were invited to attend Faith MBC New Boston, TX and share with the good people there how God has blessed this Ministry.  Then we had the…
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Financial Report May 2022

I apologize for not being able to get the report in the proper place, but this is better than nothing; Register of monies received from U.S. Churches in May 2022: Abounding Grace BC, Choctaw, OK      $100.00 Anonymous                            $ 25.00 Antioch…
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April Report 2022

April was a good month in many ways, Terry and I made the trip from the Philippines safely, it took me a while to overcome the jet lag, but all in all everything went well.  Financially, we had another good…
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March Report

Good News MBC, day of dedication Emanuel MBC, day of dedication Ground Breaking for Project # 16 Christian MBC Escalante City Congrecation of Bical MBC, New Project #17 Explaining to Church requirements Good Friend from Seminary days (the 80’s) Elbert…
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Financial March

PMD Monthly Financial Report Mar 2022 Register of monies received from U.S. Churches in Mar 2022: Abounding Grace BC, Choctaw, OK      $100.00 Acadiana BC, Lafayette, LA           $150.00 Anonymous                            $ 25.00 Antioch BC, Center, TX               $ 83.50 Austin Chapel MBC, De…
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February Report

February 2022 Report                   I am excited about the upcoming trip to  the Philippines, it has been almost three years since our last trip and many things have happened.  Terry and I are scheduled to be gone two weeks, leave…
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Update # 15

Pictures of Sunday Service Pastor Bogador Announcement of Dedication Service